Nanny Payroll Services in the UK

Paying for childcare services is becoming a bit of a minefield in the UK.  If you’re employing a nanny (or indeed, any other types of domestic staff), then it’s likely that you’re having to deal with paying their NI and PAYE taxes.  This means that you may feel as if you need to take a course in accountancy just to be able to deal with your normal household bills!  Or, you could have a look online at some of the experts that are now available and offering nanny payroll services to take the burden off your shoulders.

You’re sure to want to find a service that is efficient and accurate, but also one that is affordable so that you’re not adding extra costs to your childcare unnecessarily.  You also need to be aware of the benefits that are available to you to help with childcare costs.  If you’re employing a nanny who is a registered child care provider, then you will be entitled to £55 (tax and NI free) from your employer towards your childcare costs.  You’ll also need to find out if you’re entitled to any other help towards childcare, such as childcare vouchers.

Whatever you’re entitled to and however much you’re paying out on a regular basis to have your children looked after while you’re at work, the whole process can be made a lot easier by taking advantage of one of the new nanny payroll services agencies.  They should take care of all of the paperwork for you, and will also make sure that your childcare provider is using the appropriate tax code.

Using a dedicated nanny payroll service can take the weight off your shoulders and leave you with more of your precious time to enjoy yourself and your family.  The burden of accuracy can be passed on to the experts – people who have been trained to do this type of work and deal with these issues on a daily basis as part of the services they provide.  If you work full time then your time spent with your family is all the more precious and you’ll enjoy it a lot more if you do not have to worry about making sure you comply with employer regulations as a result of your childcare options.


Hard Day At Work? Just Sit Back and Say Aaaahhhhh.

Hot water has been used for therapy from as early as 2000 BC and if you are one of the more than nine million people in the UK who suffer from arthritis, you will appreciate our large line of hot tubs and spas. The ancient Egyptians were among the first to begin using hot springs or baths for therapeutic purposes, although some evidence exists to show that Phraortes, an early King of Media constructed a spa like structure circa 600 BC. The ancient Romans as well knew the benefits of warm water after a long hot tiring day of battle in the rain, they established a spa resort utilizing the hot springs at Bath in AD 43.

Today’s hot tubs are large tubs that are filled with heated water and commonly used for simple soaking, relaxation, and hydrotherapy for sore, aching joints. For the most part hot tubs are located outdoors. A trend in the 1970s was to install hot tubs in family rooms but the resulting dampness from having a large body of water contained in a basement quickly returned hot tubs to the outdoors, where they can be enjoyed year round.

A recent innovation in the field, portable hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular for the home market. These units are preassembled and sit above ground; they usually can be plugged into a simple household plug in and easily moved from place to place. Some units weight only a few hundred pounds, and have a round shape, making moving them as easy as rolling a hoop. These units are also popular because they can go with you if you’re moving unlike the larger models that weight several thousand pounds and require special electrical wiring and installation.

Larger more permanent hot tubs are found in spas and resorts around the world. Athletes of all types well know how good it feels to relax in some steaming hot water after a day of intense training. In the winter time, skiers enjoy the comfort of a hot tub after a long fun-filled day on the slopes often as snow falls around them.